12-14 Jan Yang Fei Hu Gan 1st bottle get 12%

12-14 Jan Yang Fei Hu Gan 1st bottle get 12%

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The new pneumonia virus may damage the testicles of men, and will it also affect male fertility?!
The symptoms of pneumonia caused by the new virus this time are not obvious, and because it comes from a virus that has not been discovered before, people do not have such antibodies in their bodies, causing panic, and the public rushes to buy anti-epidemic supplies. , Dry food and daily necessities, such as masks, soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer, in case of emergency.
It is now known that patients with new pneumonia will have some sequelae even after they are cured. These sequelae may include poor lung function and weakened body functions. According to Hong Kong Dongwang News, the Hubei Provincial Government recently published an article on its official website that pneumonia may mainly damage the lungs and immune system, and may also cause damage to the male testicles.
This is because the new virus may theoretically cause testicular damage, affect sperm production and androgen synthesis, thereby affecting male fertility and sexual function. Furthermore, according to a medical center in Wuhan, the hospital reminds that men of appropriate age who have been diagnosed with new pneumonia should go to the hospital to check their semen quality and hormone levels and other fertility tests after being cured.
In addition, related research institutions also believe that in theory, the virus has an effect on male reproductive function cells, such as testicular spermatogonia, supporting cells, and mesenchymal cells. The article also emphasizes that there is still no research data to confirm whether the virus really damages the male testicles and fertility.
However, the new virus has similarities with the SARS virus in that the receptors for invading cells are the same. SARS may cause orchitis, so it can be inferred from the theory that the new coronary pneumonia virus may also affect male sperm production and androgen synthesis, and then seriously cause male infertility.
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