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15-21 Feb Buy 1 YunYuBao + 1 Male get 10%+10% Promotion

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Why can't I get pregnant for so long?


Have you been married for several years, have you ever thought that the following may be the reasons for the delay in pregnancy?


Girls may be because:

~ Hormone imbalance prevents ovulation and reduces the chance of pregnancy.

~High pressure in life, irregular meals, drinking cold coffee every day, never exercising, ovaries age faster, no ovulation, and lower chance of pregnancy.

~ Or the quality of the eggs is not good, the corpus luteum is not good, of course the embryo implantation rate is reduced.


Do you do this kind of lifestyle often or even every day?


And boys may be because:

 ~ Staying up all night playing games, socializing and surfing the Internet affect sleep.

 ~ The influence of irregular life schedule and work pressure.

 ~ Smoking, drinking, wearing too tightly, etc. will affect the production of sperm.

 ~Sperm motility is not good or the number is too small, or even the shape is unhealthy, can not meet the egg, and the chance of pregnancy is reduced.


This is not okay. There are only 12 months in a year, and only 12 chances of pregnancy in a year. If you don't take good care of yourself, the dream of being a parent will take you away.


Treat your body in time, increase pregnancy rate, and your child will definitely come to you!





1. Regenerate growth of ovarian follicle.
2. Reduce some gynecological problems: polycystic ovary disease, high male hormones, irregular menstrual cycle
3. Helps in ovulation, enhance uterine environment
4. Enhance physical fitness: reduce fatigue



1. Helps in increase sperm morphology, mobility and number.


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