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15-21 Feb Buy 1 YunYuBao/Male get 10%Promotion - 1 Male

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After taking the strong essence medicine given by the doctor, the sperms number did not increase but decreased, and even the qualifications for IUI were lost!


Three days ago, Yang and his wife were unsuccessful in preparing for pregnancy for more than three years. They did not formally seek treatment until January this year. When they visited the obstetrics and gynecology department in January, the doctor arranged for them to take strong essence medicine and ovulation pills. After another four months of unsuccessful pregnancy, they went for artificial insemination (IUI) in May, and they came to see me in June.


After reassessing their test reports and diagnosis, it was found that both the couple's physique had changed a lot after the artificial insemination failed. Mr. Yang's sperm test in January was not very satisfactory. The number of sperm per milliliter was only 15 mils. The number of force and normal sperm is only 40%.


But after 4 months of strong essence medicine, the number and quality of spermatozoa did not advance and regressed. At the time of artificial insemination, only 5 mils per milliliter remained, and the activity was weak. The number of spermatozoa at that time did not even meet the requirements of artificial insemination.


After the artificial conception, Mrs. Yang was only 29 years old due to the influence of hormone injections on her body. The number of menstrual days was shortened from 5 days to 3 days, and the amount of menstruation was low. Before menstruation, she also had abdominal and breast tenderness and pain.


What bothered Mrs. Yang most was that she had never had urethral inflammation. 4 months after the artificial conception, she continued to have urethral inflammation. During these 4 months, she visited the obstetrics and gynecology department 5-6 times and took oral topical medicine, but the urethral inflammation could not be cured. After a little improvement, it relapsed within 1 week.


Before the follow-up visit last week, Mr. Yang went for a sperm test. The report of sperms has improved by leaps and bounds. The number of sperms has risen from 5 mils to 45 mils per milliliter, the number of normal sperms has risen from 40% to 75%, and the viability of sperms has changed from the original 40% rise to 100% viability that few people can reach.


Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Yang are very careful in conditioning. After 3 months, the man’s sperm factor has been ruled out to affect the pregnancy. No contraception is needed. As long as the urethral inflammation is solved and the intercourse during ovulation is accurately grasped, I believe they will receive theirs soon. good news.




1. Regenerate growth of ovarian follicle.
2. Reduce some gynecological problems: polycystic ovary disease, high male hormones, irregular menstrual cycle
3. Helps in ovulation, enhance uterine environment
4. Enhance physical fitness: reduce fatigue



1. Helps in increase sperm morphology, mobility and number


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