15-21 Jan Buy 1 YunYuBao 10% Promotion

15-21 Jan Buy 1 YunYuBao 10% Promotion

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Grateful to meet Dr. Terrenz  and VHC Formula


My husband and I have always wanted to have a baby of our own, but due to irregular menstruation and thyroid problems, I had a miscarriage and my body was not very good. I have been conditioning my body for a long time, calculating the ovulation period, using ovulation paper, and taking ovulation medicine, but I have not been able to achieve my wish, and I have suffered physically and mentally.


We believe in fate and have been waiting, working hard, and never giving up, although the process has been discouraged countless times.


Seeing the people around me successfully conceive and give birth to children one by one, it was really stressful and sad, and I felt very useless. It is unavoidable that people around me will ask me about pregnancy. Due to fate, I saw YunYuBao product on the Internet, and then I contacted Dr. Terrenz’s assistant inquired about the product details and told him my situation. The assistant's service is very good and professional. After that, I bought it online, and I had to finish taking it within 3 months, but it was very easy to get hot, so it took about 5 months to finish the 3 bottles of YunYuBao.

During the period of taking YunYuBao, menstruation began to improve, blood volume became much more normal in days, vaginal discharge was also much less, and ovulation occurred. The effect of YunYuBao is really amazing. The effect is very good, which surprised me.


Until I took more than half of the third bottle of YunYuBao, I tried not to use contraception, so I became pregnant with the baby. I was very happy. I had problems with redness in the early pregnancy, so I rested at home.

I am very grateful for the assistance of Dr. Terrenz  and his assistant during pregnancy. I have answered many of my questions. Thanks to Dr. Terrenz for evaluating and analyzing my blood test report. She also carefully told me the things to pay attention to, eat carefully, and take more rest. and many more. Dr Terrenz and her  assistants are very professional, well-served, and very good people. They never dislike me for many questions. I am very fortunate to meet you and thank you for having you.


I have been pregnant for 36 weeks now, and I look forward to the safe and healthy arrival of the baby, because Dr. Terrenz + YunYuBao, let me be a mother as I wish, feel this mysterious moving fetal movement, and feel the magic of the baby in my belly. Sisters who are preparing for pregnancy, don't give up, fate will definitely come. Dr. Terrenz + YunYuBao will surely make you conceive a baby and become a mother as you wish. Thanks!




💗 Regenerate growth of the ovarian follicle
💗 Reduce some gynecological problems: polycystic ovary disease, high male hormones, irregular menstrual cycle
💗 Helps in ovulation, enhance the uterine environment
💗 Enhance physical fitness: reduce fatigue


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