15-21 Jan YunYuBao 2 Bottles 10%+12% Promotion

15-21 Jan YunYuBao 2 Bottles 10%+12% Promotion

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Thank you YunYubao for allowing me to have my own baby!

The new year of 2012 holds new hopes. But it didn't get what I wanted, and the second and third IVF were not successful either!


I worked within preschool education and got to look at innocent and lively children everyday. It was unbearable, and my colleague told me to get a vacation to plan for my own pregnancy. I looked around me, most of my friends were already a parent, but what about me? What is our problem?


We had no bad habits, and our daily routines were normal. We even went to doctors, visited temples, worshipped gods, but our reports showed our healths begin to abnormal. After taking the ovulation medicine, the egg and inner membrane barely reached the standard, and my perspective changed from positive to negative. If this continues, the problem could be very serious. Just when the negative thoughts started, there was some light again. A newspaper advertisement introduced the headline about Dr.Terrenz (All Natural Fertility Program, Help You Get Pregnant)! This is the plan we have been yearning for, so one of the reasons why we haven't gone for  IVF for a long time. At that time, I started to follow Dr.Terrenz’s  Facebook page.


In 2013, I adjusted my scope of work again and put aside my duties to concentrate on preparing for pregnancy. This year, the doctor's recommendation is a test tube baby. I think this is the last thing we can do. Since we are going to IVF, we must first a way to adjust our body for greater challenges. Powder medicine, water medicine, decocting medicine, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion, as long as we hear that they are helpful, we would start trying it, you can say that we have never been so crazy as this!


After 6 months to 9 months of conditioning, my physique has obviously improved. Just when I was about to do IVF,I was pregnant naturally. However, during the Lunar New Year2014, in the 22nd week, the high-level ultrasound did not pass. What's wrong, what's going on? Why us? The fetus is diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus, and 80% of the heart is underdeveloped. After the advice from the obstetrics and gynecology, maternal and infant pathology, and pediatric cardiology departments, they all recommended that we terminate the pregnancy. I don't want it, I don't accept it, the baby left me in the end! Life is almost at the bottom of the valley for us, it is completely unacceptable!


In 2015, I had a dispensable mentality to prepare for pregnancy and I started to buy YunYubao from Dr. Terrenz like I did before, as I don’t want to go through the troubles of cooking and boiling medicines like before. After taking YunYubao, I feel that it is much easier to consume then the traditional ones. I checked my hormones again after some time, and it improved slightly. So, I ordered 2 more bottles of it and plan to receive an IVF after that.  The doctor has recommended ICSI+PGD. However, after taking the medicines, the attending doctor cannot conduct IVF, so we had to wait for the next cycle.


I got pregnant naturally before going to do IVF. Thinking about it, Dr. Terrenz  also explained that the progress of progesterone can be checked after taking the medication. People are not as good as the days way back. The report showed that I have a 28.34 which represents a possible pregnancy status. Because of the past record, I dare not hold too high expectations this time, as I was too afraid of disappointment and losing hope again.


I am currently in the 24th week of pregnancy and the amniotic fluid test and high-level ultrasound have also passed to reach the standards, and we are working hard to move towards the 28th week! I would pray to God to look after us during the pregnancy.


I would like to thank Dr. Terrenz  for taking the trouble to analyze  us and giving us  warm tips on the issue of infertility, pregnancy and postpartum period. I am also grateful to friends and relatives who often cheer and support us through the journey.




💗 Regenerate growth of the ovarian follicle
💗 Reduce some gynecological problems: polycystic ovary disease, high male hormones, irregular menstrual cycle
💗 Helps in ovulation, enhance the uterine environment
💗 Enhance physical fitness: reduce fatigue


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