21-25 Nov Confinement combo 1set 10% promotion

21-25 Nov Confinement combo 1set 10% promotion

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Hardship when in confinement month:

Feed breast milk is harder than giving birth to a child!


The first time of my confinement month, my mother-in-law is the one who helps me.
And I, the mother who insisted on breastfeeding,
However, because of the lack of breast milk,

I constantly faced the doubts from my father-in-law and mother-in-law,
I was going to fed up!

When I want to read a book or search the Internet regarding confinement,
I was stopped by my mother-in-law... I was so speechless...

Whenever the baby cried, the two old anxious overreacted and asked,
"Do you breastfeeding your baby?", and I said yes, and they asked me again,
"Have you? Why does he still look so hungry?"

I was truly hurt and sad.

On several occasions, I was forced by my mother-in-law to feed my baby with the milk powder, because I have less amount of breastmilk.
 I cried and blame myself: why my breast milk so little?
Why is it that what I want to stand for is always questioned?
Why does the baby keep crying? Why didn't anyone help me?


Until the end of my confinement... Finally, I can access the Internet.
I searched for all kinds of conditioning products and finally chose "Confinement Combo" of VHC Formula to eat.

I've been eating "Confinement Combo" for two months,
My breast milk has increased, despite the lack of sleep caused by constant breastfeeding,
But "Confinement Combo" still replenishes the nutrition I need after giving birth,
The milk also supplies for baby can give full nutrition to him.


How lucky am I that "Confinement Combo" saved me,
Also, let me round the desire to prepare full breast milk for my baby!

- Mrs. Sue




The perfect timing to condition a woman’s health and physical condition is the “Confinement Month”, in which it might bring beautification effect to the woman. After the laboring process and 10-month of pregnancy, the condition of your body is “worn out”. As for your internal organs, such as your womb, it is stretched to a bigger size. At this moment, your body is best described as a “depleted battery”.


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