8-14 Feb Buy 2 YunYuBao/Female2 get 15% Promotion - 2 Female2

8-14 Feb Buy 2 YunYuBao/Female2 get 15% Promotion - 2 Female2

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Baby, mom finally caught up with you !


I have been married for 2 years and have never been pregnant. I was pregnant in the third year of marriage. I thought you would come to me in 10 months with peace and health, and from then on, a family of three would live happily.


The condition was not good at the first check-up. The doctor said the gestational sac was too small. At the second check-up, the doctor looked at me and said that my baby could not grow up. I listened to the doctor's words and didn't say anything. The doctor said to give an anti-fetal medicine a try, but the effects are not great. If you still cannot grow in a week, I will be ready for an abortion.


In the few days I got home, I didn't feel sick anymore. I felt my stomach and I knew you were leaving. When I first learned that I was pregnant, I was so happy that I was about to fly. Morning sickness is very obvious. I vomit at 4 weeks and I can't eat anything. If I can keep you, I will vomit for your sake till the day you were born. But you still left. You only stayed in my belly for 55 days and then left. . . The next day, my husband and I went to the hospital for a blood draw and electrocardiogram, and then waited for the cleansing. I didn't feel the general anesthesia. I was out after 10 minutes of observation.


After sitting for two weeks for the confinement, my friend bought the Confinement Set for me to eat. (At that time, I didn’t know that it was Dr. Terrenz’s Zuo Yue Shuang Bao, but after I took it, I learned that Shuangbao was also her formula)


I can't give up, I have to adjust my mentality slowly. After sitting in the confinement, I took time off to relax. With my husband's encouragement and support, my mood gradually eased.


After that, I focused my energy on my career. After 6 months, I started preparing for pregnancy again. I hope that after the conditioning, my baby can stay by my side and never leave me the next time I get pregnant.

But after the miscarriage, my body health began to go downhill, and I began to feel that there was a problem with menstruation. It was originally regular, but then it became chaotic. Sometimes I have brown spots twice a month, and I don’t know if it’s a sequelae after purging the palace, or the work pressure is too great. Checked by the doctor, the hormonal test is normal, but the prolactin and corpus luteum are not good. At that time, the doctor prescribed the medicine for 2 months, saying that the endocrine should be adjusted first, so after taking it for 2 months, after adjusting for almost 2 months, it failed.


My friend introduced Dr. Terrenz to me again. After I asked Dr. Terrenz’s assistant on WeChat, since I didn’t have time to go to see the doctor, so I took Yunyubao and Female 2 for treatment. After eating for 4 months, I went to check again, the index has been biased to the normal value, so I feel relieved a lot. Every month, I used the test paper to test ovulation, measured strong yang and monitored the follicles. I knew the ovulation period was very punctual. In mid-January this year, I was pregnant smoothly.


However, because of the first sad experience, I dare not be too happy. I did two scans. The first time I heard a weak heartbeat, and the second time I was 9 weeks pregnant. The doctor told me that the embryo is developing well. However, there was a bit of bleeding during the period. The doctor said that the bloodshot was a sign of miscarriage and was very scared. After 12 weeks, my heart slowly settled down. Now the baby is more than 5 months old, I look forward to the safe growth of the baby!


Baby, you walked too fast before, you left in 55 days. Now, Mom finally catches up with you.

I also wish every mother a dream come true!



💗 Suitable for women who are not allowed to take it

💗 Suitable for women with low menstrual flow

💗 Improve the quality of eggs

💗 Women who have experienced an empty embryo leading to a failed pregnancy

Female 2


💗 Suitable for women with insufficient corpus luteum

💗 Help embryo implantation, reduce the chance of early miscarriage

💗 Promote good follicular development, smooth and barrier-free ovulation

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