8-14 Feb Buy 2 YunYuBao/Female2 get 15% Promotion - 2 YunYuBao

8-14 Feb Buy 2 YunYuBao/Female2 get 15% Promotion - 2 YunYuBao

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88% of patients have the problem of insufficient progesterone. Insufficiency of progesterone can cause infertility and even have a high risk of early miscarriage after pregnancy.

Why do PCOS patients have the problem of insufficient progesterone?

Because in each menstrual cycle, one side of the ovary will release a mature egg. After ovulation, the follicle changes and becomes 1 to 2 cm in diameter, yellow like a wild chrysanthemum, called the corpus luteum, and the primary function of the corpus luteum is to release Large amounts of progesterone (Progesterone).


Once ovulation fails, luteinizing hormone will not be produced during the luteal phase. If luteinizing hormone is lacking, the endometrium cannot mature, which will lead to embryo implantation failure, years of infertility, and even after implantation, because there is not enough luteinizing hormone support , causing early miscarriage.


Under the influence of sufficient progesterone, the endometrium will gradually thicken to prepare for the fertilized egg. Therefore, Progesterone is like a decoration craftsman, who paints the uterus environment beautifully and arranges it properly, so that the fertilized egg can live more safely and comfortably, and it can take root with peace of mind. It can also promote the breast gland. The bubble further matures and prepares for milk secretion after pregnancy!



💗 Suitable for women who are not allowed to take it

💗 Suitable for women with low menstrual flow

💗 Improve the quality of eggs

💗 Women who have experienced an empty embryo leading to a failed pregnancy

Female 2


💗 Suitable for women with insufficient corpus luteum

💗 Help embryo implantation, reduce the chance of early miscarriage

💗 Promote good follicular development, smooth and barrier-free ovulation

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