Confinement Combo™

Confinement Combo™


The perfect timing to condition a woman’s health and physical condition is the “Confinement Month”, in which it might bring beautification effect to the woman. After the labouring process and 10-month of pregnancy, the condition of your body is “worn out”. As for your internal organs, such as your womb, is stretched to a bigger size. At this moment, your body is best described as “depleted battery”.

  • Why Confinement Combo?

    Confinement after Miscarriage

    A proper confinement is compulsory after miscarriage. Uterus is like soil used in culturing plant. The impact from miscarriage is bigger than normal pregnancy. Hence, confinement after miscarriage is very important. This is because it might trigger: –

    • Low metabolism and it leads to other disease
    • Sagging stomach
    • Low blood pressure
    • Weak immune system
    • Hard to recover from fatigue


    The BEST alternative to help in: –

    • Boost your health condition
    • Improve the quality of sleep
    • Improve the regulation of hormones in preventing postpartum depression and postpartum obesity
    • Enhance the functionality of spleen and stomach for the betterment of nutrients absorption

    Fully-charged body Confinement Combo + 28 Soup Recipes + 16 Meal Treatments + 12 massage methods.

  • How to use?

    A complete treatment will be 3 months body conditioning.


    2 grams (1 gram teaspoon is provided) per intake, 2 times per day.

    1 unit for 25 days dosage.


    Important Note:

    1. Do not consume during menstruation period.

    2. Not suitable for children below 18 years old.

    3. Keep in cool and dry place, avoids direct sunlight.