Confinement 1™

Confinement 1™


Confinement 1™ (Postpartum Kidney Enhancement) help postnatal mother to recover from maternal depletion, maintain sufficient supply of breast milk, helps in regulating hormones and functionality of kidneys and strengthening bone structure.


  • How to use?

    A complete treatment will be 3 months body conditioning.


    2 grams (1 gram teaspoon is provided) per intake, 2 times per day.

    1 unit for 25 days dosage.


    Important Note:

    1. Not suitable for children below 18 years old.

    2. Keep in cool and dry place, avoids direct sunlight.


  • Why Confinement 1?

    The perfect timing to condition a woman’s health and physical condition is the “Confinement Month”, in which it might bring beautification effect to the woman. After the labouring process and 10-month of pregnancy, your body is “worn out”. As in your internal organs, your womb, which is stretched out. At this moment, your body is weak and slow in recovery.