Jan 8-10 Buy 2 Female 1 Free 1 F1/F2

Jan 8-10 Buy 2 Female 1 Free 1 F1/F2


I am 38 years old and have been preparing for pregnancy for more than 3 years.


The fallopian tube is blocked, and I have experienced two ectopic pregnancies, leaving me helpless.

During the past few years, I have had a lot of Chinese medicine and western medicine, but I still didn't get pregnant. Later, I went to the hospital to try IVF and failed because the quality of the embryos was not good! It was a thunderbolt shock for me and I burst into tears. I blamed myself for doing it badly. I always felt that I was not a complete woman and why other people were pregnant easily, why is it so hard for me.

The doctor said: "Try again." But I refused. In fact, I was very depressed at the time and  I think I should accept my fate.

 After coming across a Facebook group,  I learned about Dr. Terrenz’s VHC formula, which gave me hope. After discussion, I plan to restart IVF treatment in about half a year. The customer service suggested that I take Female 1 and Female 2 for conditioning and help follicular development and development as well as the Corpus luteum.

My chance of getting pregnant naturally is very low. Even if I have a baby, the chance of an ectopic pregnancy is still very high. Therefore, after having a discussion with my husband, we decided to have a second IVF. So, we started to eat Male and Female.
My husband doesn't like taking medicine. I ate two bottles of Female 1 and a bottle of Female 2. Three months later, I went for a hormone test. My husband also went for a sperm test. The report index has improved a lot.

 I started the injection treatment. This time, 11 eggs were obtained, 4 of them were successfully cultivated, and the results of blood tests were awaited after two implants. The waiting 2 weeks was really hard, and I was worried that I would fail again. In a state of tension, I kept exchanging opinions with my online friends to gain some experience from them and tried my best to follow suit, hoping to succeed this time.

Finally came the day when I was looking forward and afraid to face it. After entering the doctor’s office, he just looked at the report and asked me something. Wait,  did it fail again? ? ? When I asked the doctor, he raised his head and said, "Your Beta HCG showed that you are pregnant. Congratulations!!" I didn't even listen to what the doctor said next. I excitedly hugged the doctor and said thank you. Looking at my husband with tears on his face,I know that he is also very excited, the baby who we waited so hard for has really come!

During pregnancy, morning sickness and fetal movement are all miracles for me. The miracle moved me very much. The road ahead is still long. I will work hard to let the baby come to us safely.

 I am currently pregnant for 20 weeks with a single pregnancy, everything is fine, thank you Dr. Terrenz, thank you for the good results this formula brings!
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