Jan 8-10 Buy 2 Female 2 Free 1 F1/F2

Jan 8-10 Buy 2 Female 2 Free 1 F1/F2


Female 1 and Female 2 help you get what you want and get pregnant!

Faced with women with irregular daily routines, unbalanced eating habits, and hereditary gynecological problems or diseases in the family, their hormone index, especially FSH index, will exceed the standard. This can cause them to have low menstrual flow and low egg production.

 Such women will also find that they do not ovulate during menstruation, which leads to a low chance of conception. This is because they do not ovulate, so how can they get pregnant easily? Then, there may even be symptoms similar to menopause, also known as pseudomenopause. Severe people may also cause themselves to suffer from three highs: high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, some gynecological diseases, such as osteoporosis and blood tumors.

 Regardless of whether you want to get IVF or get pregnant by natural means, especially women who want to get PGD and PGS, if there is no good quality egg to conceive, then the chance of success will be greatly reduced.

 ~~ Take Female 1 to assist FSH, help follicle development, improve egg quality, suitable for women over 35 years old who are preparing for pregnancy, suitable for women with low menstrual blood volume and low FSH index.

 The corpus luteum function is a hormone that is very important to women. Among them, if a woman's corpus luteum function is insufficient, the endometrium will be delayed or not completely transformed into a state ready for conception. The main cause of this is that the female uterus is cold and the endometrium is not warm and fertile enough, and the fertilized egg cannot be implanted. The endometrium peels off due to the lack of implantation of the fertilized egg and forms menstruation.

 In addition, even if the fertilized egg can be implanted, the embryo may be aborted if it is less than 3 months old. This is because the fertilized egg has been implanted but the endometrium is not fertile enough and the corpus luteum is insufficient to support the further growth and development of the embryo. Moreover, if women have frequent miscarriages, habitual miscarriage will occur, which is very harmful to women's bodies.

~~Take Female 2 to enhance the corpus luteum, improve IVF embryo implantation rate, increase FSH index, improve egg development and help follicle development.

Buy it quickly and let VHCformula give you a good pregnancy in the new year!
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