Male™ 是方博士以在不孕界近20年的经验调制而成,采用纯天然珍贵中药,经过台湾精粹提炼精华的高科技技术制造而成。专为男性调理体质,辅助提高精虫数目和正常形态。一个精子是否健康而强壮,取决于3项:数量、活动力和形状。精子数量越多,正常和活动力强的精子比例越高,受孕的几率就越大!而如果精子畸形过多,“胚胎停育”出现的几率就会比较高。**价钱不包含6%GST(又称VAT)。


Male™ is the manifestation of 20 years of hard work and experience from Dr. Terrenz H'ng. Consist finest natural herbs. The main objectives of Male™ is to enhance increase sperm count, improve motility and morphology of sperm cell. It also helps in reinforcing men's health and body condition and increase the pregnancy rate. **Subject to 6% GST (as known as VAT).

    • 如何服用?| How to use?



      每天服用2次,每次服用2克 (附有小匙),一罐为25天分量。


      1. 月经期间必须暂停服用。

      2. 18岁以下不适宜服用。

      3. 收藏于干燥阴凉处,避免阳光直照。

      4. 不可与酒精和其他药物一起服用。


      How to use?

      A complete treatment will be 3 months body conditioning.

      2 grams (1 gram teaspoon is provided) per intake, 2 times per day.

      1 unit for 25 days dosage.

      Important Note:

      1. Do not consume during menstruation period.

      2. Not suitable for children below 18 years old.

      3. Keep in cool and dry place, avoids direct sunlight.

      4. Do not use with alcoholic products or other medicines.

    • 为何选择Male? | Why Male?


      **Subject to 6% GST (as known as VAT).






      精子的数量: 如果精虫的数量不在标准以内,会直接影响自然怀孕,人工受孕疗程和试管婴儿疗程的机率。

      精虫的活动率: 活动率是指精虫移动的速度和动态。精虫的活动率会影响精子在子宫内游向卵子的能力,直接影响受孕成功率。

      精虫的形态: 形态是指精虫的形状与大小。精虫分为三个主要部位,头部,身体和尾巴。精虫形态会直接影响受孕机率。畸形精子会面对穿透不了卵子外层的难题。




      Why Male?

      The development of sperm cell takes approximately 100 days, the formation of sperm cell requires 74 days, and it takes 20 to 30 days to be mature.


      There are 3 criteria in determining the condition of sperm cell:

      Sperm count: If the sperm count is not at a satisfactory level, not only it lowers the success rate of natural conceiving, it also lowers both IVF and IUI treatment.

      Sperm motility: This refers to the movement speed and motion of sperm cell. The sperm motility will affect the success rate to swim through the uterus and reach the egg.

      Sperm morphology: This refers to the size and shape of the sperm cell. 3 parts of sperm cell. There are head, body and tail.

      It affects the success rate in attempting a pregnancy. Defect on sperm morphology will lead to failure of penetration the ovum cell.